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Why Personality Management ?

Each job has its own specific "work personality"... the traits that will cause a person to
naturally like or dislike the job. Would you want to put an energetic, outgoing, people-oriented
person behind a bookkeeping desk eight hours a day? Matching people to the right job promotes
happier, contented and productive employees. If the personality of the employee does not match
the work personality of the job... then that employee will likely be discontented, unfulfilled and
stressed. Stress is a major cause of $turnover and $health expenses.

TURNOVER IS EXPENSIVE. It involves advertising the position, interviewing, re-hiring and re-
training, unemployment benefit payments and fees... an average of $2,500 per employee lost--
and that's for unskilled labor. Skilled labor can cost much more, as such requires additional
head-hunting, lost production and even loss of important clients who may follow that employee!

The Personality Evaluation Program is designed to significantly reduce employee turnover
by matching employees with jobs that match their basic personalities. If you can eliminate
even ONE turnover this year, PEP will have paid for itself many times over!

PEP helps you save money in several ways:

.* Significant reduction in employee turnover
.* Reduction in job-related stress and health problems -- $$$
.* Reduction in absence and tardiness
.* Improved productivity
.* Increased quality of production
.* Improved communications within the work environment
.* Reduced friction among employees and management
.* Improved management / employee interaction
.* Reduction in costly errors
.* Increased job satisfaction
.* Bottom-line savings in the interviewing, hiring and employee maintenance processes!

Different personalities
for different jobs.
Reduce costly TURNOVER.
MATCH people to the RIGHT JOBS.

"One of the World's Best 101 Programs!" -- Compute Magazine
"Amazingly accurate."

Since 1985
No gimmicks, no strings attached. Examine your own personality absolutely free.
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The Personality Evaluation
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