Some customers may wish to fully examine the PEP system before purchasing,
or may only need one or two reports (such as a husband / wife who desire to
know one another better).

We now include a SAMPLE REPORTS option on the main menu, which
includes samples from the PEP Advance program. This will help you to
ascertain the full power and value of the PEP system for yourself. Please
understand this is not a personal report so it can't have the impact that a report
prepared specifically for you would have. Nevertheless it will provide an
accurate and thorough sample of what the PEP system produces.

If you have any questions you have following examination of your report, we will
be happy to answer via email. We want you to be satisfied and fully convinced
of the quality of our product before purchase. "Try-then-buy" is how we have
always sold PEP. This demonstrates our complete confidence in our product.
We feel it's the best way to be assured of customer satisfaction before the sale.
That's how we like to do business.

Please click above for sample reports