* Since PEP is a personality evaluation and not a psychological test, it is not intended for
use with the severely disturbed or with small children, as they are unlikely to understand the
meanings of the terms in a rational or mature manner. PEP is intended for those who can
understand the response form and fill it in properly. However, PEP remains effective even on
those with moderate mental disturbance and can be most beneficial in helping them to
recognize and come to terms with who they really are.

The Personality Evaluation Program
and your Family

While PEP is a popular and powerful tool in the business environment, it is equally
useful in the home. Consider the following advantages:

Understand your mate: The divorce rate in the United States has jumped from thirty to fifty
percent since the 1960s. In our fast-paced, information-oriented society, people often lose the
ability to communicate. PEP helps open up the barriers that are often established out of self-
defense and helps people to better understand one another. PEP is so effective that it has
literally helped save marriages.

As one enthusiastic client wrote: "I couldn't believe that I had lived with the same
woman for thirty five years and didn't have any idea as to who she is. It helped too with my 17-
year-old son, who we've been having some problems with. The report got him to open up to us
and helped us to understand him better. We were planning on getting a divorce! I can honestly
say your program literally saved our marriage."

While we don't guarantee that PEP will save every marriage, there is no doubt that
open communications are a big first step. PEP is an amazingly accurate and beneficial ice-
breaker that can get family members talking with one another again. It helps us understand
one another and enables us to empathize with the other person. It draws people closer
together by helping us to understand who the other person really is.

Assists in Job Hunting and Evaluation: The features in PEP can assist you in your job
search by identifying jobs that are likely to match your personality. It can also assist you in
evaluating your current job to determine areas of strengths and weaknesses. This will help you
evaluate whether or not to remain in your current position and if so, how to achieve greater
production and job satisfaction. The employment features in PEP can prove to be a real asset
in the home and personal environment!

PEP and budding relationships
PEP can also help those dating to enhance their relationship and know one another
better. In fact, PEP can actually help you find the right mate. What kind of traits would you
like to have in a spouse? PEP is designed to help you identify those traits so that you better
know what to look for in that "significant other".

PEP in counseling and consulting services
While PEP is not by definition a "psychological test" *, it is useful in determining the
basic personality of clients. In many cases PEP can quickly open doors that ordinarily might
remain shut for months. Patients, upon reading the open and positive PEP evaluation, almost
universally react in an enthusiastic and pleasant way. Many are eager to have the report run on
their family members so that they can better understand the ones they care about. By
"breaking the ice" PEP can assist counselors in getting their patients to confide in them and
bypass the "guarded and superficial" level.

PEP is also excellent in helping Human Resource Counselors and motivators in
assisting companies to improve their employee relations, to increase efficiency and production
and in solving nagging or fatal management problems.

Whatever your communication and relational needs, PEP can help!

Why is PEP so valuable?

There are several reasons why PEP is superior to other programs:

1. PEP is amazingly accurate. There are many personality evaluation programs on
the market. But most programs produce results that are questionable at best and often
ludicrous... "good for a laugh". PEP is accurate... so much so that people often are left
speechless when they read the reports; they simply cannot believe that a simple computer
program could "peg" them so accurately!

2. EASE OF USE. If PEP were lengthy and time consuming, its value would be
greatly diminished. Many programs are difficult to comprehend and time-consuming in
operation, taking 20, 40, 60 minutes or longer. Imagine trying to use such a system on 150

PEP's short response form can be completed in less than two minutes and the full
report produced in 60 seconds (depending on the speed of your printer). The screen-based
report can be produced even more quickly. This makes PEP a real value in Human Resource

3. PEP produces POSITIVE reports. It doesn't pull skeletons out of a closet. This
basic concept makes employees both eager to take the evaluation (especially once they have
seen someone else's report) and positive in response to the report once they read it. PEP is
designed to enhance employee relations, not threaten them.

Legitimacy is the key to any counseling service.
The Personality Evaluation Program helps
provide that legitimacy by presenting your clients
with an amazingly accurate evaluation tool.
People are so enthusiastic with their own PEP
results, it makes them eager to use it in
understanding one another better. This can be a
real boon to your operation as people tell their
friends about your unique service using the
Personality Evaluation Program!
The divorce rate is currently in excess of 50%.
In your business you already know this. The
Personality Evaluation Program Counseling
system assists in opening up lines of
communications, helping people understand
themselves and their mates better. It can save
you weeks or months of time by cutting through
the ice and getting people to talk.

PEP has literally assisted people in saving their marriage by helping them to understand one
another better and by opening the lines of communications. Imagine having the power of the
Personality Evaluation Program in your marriage counseling service! PEP effectively
breaks down facades and gets people communicating with one another... and does so in a
non-threatenting, non-intimidating manner that actually encourages people to share with one
another. What a fantastic tool for your company!