The CLEP chart is an abbreviated method of reading your basic personality. Upon
becoming acquainted with its format, the HR manager can quickly examine the CLEP
chart of any applicant or employee and instantly know who he/she is speaking to... without
needing to read the rest of the report.

The CLEP chart appears on a one-page STAT summary, providing a very powerful tool
which allows you to quickly understand the personality parameters of the respondent. As a
manager, you retain the STAT sheet and hand the four remaining pages to the
respondent. This allows him/her to feel at-ease with you because you openly present the
full report, while allowing you a few seconds to quickly scan and examine the STAT sheet
while they're reading.

Each characteristic in the CLEP chart is measured on a scale from 1-4, with 4 being very
prominent and 1 being less prominent.

So, for example, a CLEP chart which reads:

c1 L2 e1 U2

would indicate a LEADER (level 2-- moderate) who has an URGENT nature (likes to get
things done). Less strong traits are Conformity (goes by the book) and Externalism
(enjoys talking with and being around people). The above sample CLEP chart shows
what is commonly referred to as a "management profile" in a company where rules must
be followed.

Just as each personality can be represented with the CLEP chart... so too can each JOB.
In addition to being present on the basic evaluation report, the CLEP chart is also used in
the JOB MATCH system to help match people to the right jobs. The better the match
between the Personality CLEP chart and the Job CLEP chart, the more closely the
personality fits the job!

As a registered user of one of the advanced versions of PEP... once you become
acquainted with the CLEP chart and the concepts behind it, you will be very proficient at
reading the personality matrix of any person in just a few seconds. This makes the
Personality Evaluation Program a very powerful tool in the Human Resource environment!


The Personality Evaluation Program STAT sheet is a one-page summary of the rest of the
report and is present in all registered versions of PEP. There are several benefits to the
STAT sheet:
. * Used by HR managers to quickly scan the results of the PEP report
. * Can be read while respondent reads through the rest of the report
. * Opens up the respondent immediately to improved and enthusiastic
. * Presents an instant synopsis of motivational and demotivational factors for quick
. * Offers a great deal of information very quickly to the interviewer / manager.