Would you put an outgoing, people-oriented go-getter behind a customer service desk 8 hours a

Alternately, would you place a shy, introverted person on a busy, competitive sales floor?

The answer to those questions is obvious. Not only would doing so create very unproductive
situations, but the employees would be miserable and eventually either quit or be fired.

Even if people are good at their jobs, often miscommunications, "pushed buttons" or other irritants
can grind away until they simply leave for less stressful environments.

Turnover is expensive. On an average, turnover costs in excess of $2,500 for unskilled labor.

Skilled labor can cost far more, as employees take their expertiese-- and often clients-- with them.

Yet every day, businesses throughout the world hire people for jobs that do not match their
personalities... jobs at which they will not be happy or productive.. This is harmful not only to the
person, but expensive to the employer.

But if those people could be placed in positions that are compatible with their core personalities,
the benefits would be significant:

* Decreased stress
* Reduced sick days
* Increased productivity
* Reduced turnover
* More harmonious work environment.

PEP helps eliminate problem areas by informing the employer of the positive work personality of
the employee applicant. It also allow evaluation and matching of individual jobs. For existing
employees, it helps improve communications and can help locate key areas of stress so such can
be corrected before they become a job liability... or a lost employee.

FACT: If you eliminate just one turnover this year, PEP will have paid for itself many
times over. If PEP can help you prevent one internal explosion, save one lost client,
eliminate one major area of misunderstanding, PEP will prove a very wise investment.

PEP does exactly that, and has done so in businesses world wide for over two decades.

Fact: every day, businesses match people to the wrong job.

But what if you could know, instantly, the WORK PERSONALITY of your applicants and
employees? Imagine a computer program that would allow you to:

1. Evaluate each job to inform you of the best personality for that job.

2. Evaluate each applicant and employee, allowing you to match people to the jobs best suited for
their personalities.

3. Produce a history file that would allow you to instantly match a new job position to existing
applicants and employees.

4. Evaluate each job for ethical and judgement requirements, then inform you which employees
have the same ethical preferences.

5. Inform you of areas of dangerous stress before they become harmful to your employees and the
work environment.

THE RESULT: employees will be happier at their positions, more productive, more harmonious
and less stressed. This in turn means significantly reduced turnover, fewer conflicts and fewer
health/stress related costs! This is the concept of PERSONALITY MANAGEMENT. This is what
the Personality Evaluation Program does!

The Personality Evaluation Program is a tool that works in several areas:
1. Helps match people to the right job
2. Improves communications
3. Reduces harmful stress
4. Reduces job turnover
5. Reduces friction in the workplace

PEP does this by performing a personality profile, a quick, easy and very accurate survey that
examines the positive work personality traits of employees, applicants, and associates.

That personality profile is freely shared, helping people to know one another better. Since it
contains only positive information, there are no "skeletons in the closet" to make people fear the

If you are trying to fill a job, it then matches those traits to a job profile that you prepare for the
specific job you have in mind. It allows you to search through your existing employee and applicant
file for people to fill new jobs as they come open. PEP shortens your interview and training time by
matching people to the right jobs. In short, PEP helps you get to know your employees and
associates in an instant, without requiring months or years of association. That ability is an
incredibly valuable asset.