The data produced by the History Program may be used by your own programs to provide
statistical reports within your company. It must be noted that PEP is not intended for
providing statistical material; the history function is simply for use in gathering general
data. Whatever statistical analysis you require may be performed by using the easy-to-
understand, plain-text, sequential-access format of the HISTORY file:

SSN, CLEP, Greatest Char, GC level, Secondary Char, SC level, Decision, Stamina,
Date, Name, Jobname

Take care when accessing this file to not change its format in any way. It is usually best to
make a copy of this file and perform statistical work on the copy so as not to endanger the
primary data file. As with all such files, changing the format can result in the History
system becoming non-functional. In such case, coders would have to locate and repair or
delete the affected record.