When hiring new employees, it must be understood the person may already be under
significant stress. Perhaps they've been out of work for some time, or aren't sure exactly
what will be required from them at this new job. Perhaps they don't do very well in
interview situations-- although they may be quite competent in their skillset. So
interviewers should be aware of these facts and consider stress as normal.

Within the workplace however, stress can be a job killer... and is one of the highest
reasons for employee turnover. The idea then, is to locate, understand and correct stress
before it becomes a job liability. In other words, you want to stop the stress before it
causes you to lose an employee.

Stress may come from several areas, both within the job environment or at home.
Perhaps the work environment is dirty or dangerous. Perhaps an employee is being
harassed by fellow employees. If the stress is job related, often employers can correct the
things causing stress. If the stress is at home, employees can be urged to seek
counseling or other remedies to reduce that stress.

Everyone undergoes stress of some form or another. Some stress is beneficial and
encourages us to strive for greater things. Other stress can cause heart attacks. The
PEP Stress Report can help you understand the degree of stress... so that you can
discuss such with your employee and try to figure out (and hopefully correct) the source of
the stress before it becomes harmful.

Administer the survey. The report is primarily for management use. If you find an
employee is undergoing high levels of stress, it may be good to discuss such with them to
determine whether they are dealing with that stress well or if they need assistance. When
high levels are indicated, assistance is almost always a wise thing to seek. If you as the
employer can do your part to reduce work-environment stressors... you can significantly
reduce employee turnover, health related problems, and "sick days".