PEP USER MANUAL-- Introduction

Welcome to PEP. Since we realize that people are more reading-selective these days
(we are inundated with reading material), let us encourage you, the PEP user, to read
this manual
. The information contained within will provide you with very valuable
background and conceptual information that will assist you in the implementation of PEP
and benefiting your business.

Yes, reading this manual will take some time. It will be worth every minute you spend.
Reading this manual is your investment in the PEP system. It will prove very

This manual is laid out in easy-to-access chapters, each dealing with specific areas of
PEP. It is updated as required both to simplify and explain expansions on the system.

Purchase of PEP brought you a lifetime license. There is no countdown factor, no time
factor. You have a permanent license. This manual will help you gain maximum savings
and benefit from your investment. If you follow these instructions, PEP should pay for itself
many times over in the first year alone.

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