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The evaluation version is intended to let you see the efficiency and accuracy of PEP. As one of
our clients wrote, "We have tested several programs designed to improve business through means
of personality analysis, and in our opinion PEP is the very best we have ever seen." In order to
encourage registration, expanded documentation on PEP, Job Evaluation, History tracking
functions and the Expanded report options are supplied to registered users only.

PEP is a highly accurate personality evaluation program. It uses responses to a series of
descriptive terms to evaluate an employee's/applicant's personality suitability to a particular job.
Based on the responses, PEP prints out a 5 page report detailing the personality outlined by the
responses. In the home, PEP defines a person's personality and enhances communications in the
family group.

The first part of this report displays the basic personality by means of a "CLEP" chart. The
program then goes on to describe the individual's management style, decision making style,
stamina and personality characteristics.

Finally, the individual is described in terms of performance factors and motivational /
demotivational factors. These are the factors that would cause you to like or dislike a job or work /
home environment.

PEP describes a person based on 40 terms, with a response range of "5-this describes me
very well" to "1-this isn't me". It is intended to improve communications between people and
enhance the ability of the personnel manager to interview potential employees, as well as improve
current employee relations. It is an amazing program; in a survey of client satisfaction, PEP
scored extremely high when compared with competitive programs. It is faster, more accurate and
is designed specifically for use in business management, yet works equally well in the home


This program is designed to help you achieve greater proficiency and reduce employee turnover
in your business. Each employee is an individual, with individual needs and wants. Every person
has things that are motivating, and demotivating.

The Personality Evaluation Program will help you to be more informed about your employees as
individuals. It will help you answer questions such as:

1. How do I speak to each employee to motivate him to do the best job?
2. How do I avoid demotivating my employees?
3. How do I find out if an applicant's personality matches the job involved?
4. How do I help my employees find their areas of proficiency?

When hiring new people, job skills, experience and education are relatively easy to confirm. But
job personality characteristics are equally vital to the work environment and are not as easy to

If an employee is dissatisfied with the work environment and leaves for any reason, the
employee and employer both suffer. Employee turnover is EXPENSIVE. If you can eliminate any of
your employee turnover, you will save money.

When employees are satisfied with their jobs, production increases. Thus, with the proper
management techniques you can begin reducing overhead and increasing profits immediately.

The Personality Evaluation Program will help you do this.
How Much can the Personality Evaluation Program Save You?

1. How many employees left your business last year, regardless of the reason?

2. Muliply your answer by $2,500.

This is the estimated minimum your unskilled employee turnover cost you last year.

In skilled positions the cost of turnover is far greater.

If you could have saved the turnover of just one employee by using the Personality Evaluation
Program, you would have saved money!

Please read the following:

Registration of this program brings you:

1. A more advanced version of the program with features not found in the freeware version.
2. Free tech support.
3. Places you on our mailing list for notification of future updates.
4. In the case of our business versions, grants you the right to use PEP in a business
5. The PEP STAT sheet, a valuable one-page summary of your personality report.


In registering for our programs, the user agrees to abide by all articles and restrictions of this
license. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to note the items of this license and decide upon
agreeability and acceptability of the program and license prior to the purchase and registration of the

This program is licensed, not sold. As such, the user/ purchaser has the right to use the program
on a day-to-day basis, but recognizes the ownership of the program and all materials as belonging to
the author. The FREEWARE concept applies ONLY to the basic personality report and does NOT
apply to any registered aspect of the program, including but not limited to the STAT sheet, JOB
used, copied and given to others according to the Freeware concept (ie, the program is FREE with
suggested contributions according to individual user needs). Those wishing to sell reports or use
them in a consulting environment must obtain the ADVANCE or MATCHMATE versions.

PEP comes with a two-computer installation site license. This enables you to install PEP at your
business site and laptop (or alternately on two desktops). Additional installation site license is
available upon inquiry.

This program is USER SUPPORTED. You are encouraged to copy the FREEWARE EVALUATION
version and give it to your friends and acquaintances. However, the following restrictions do apply:

a. You may not alter the program or supporting items in any manner, may not add to or remove
items from the original distributed file.

b. You may not copy or reproduce any part of the registered version and/or expanded instruction
manual. You agree to not attempt to reverse-engineer or in any way attempt to ascertain and/or
exploit program methodology, files or trade secrets.

c. Use of PEP in a third-party commercial situation (regardless of application of a direct fee or lack
thereof) requires our Extended Use License. This license is included at no extra charge with PEP
Advance and MATCHMATE versions. Please examine the Extended Use option available at the Drew
Software website for further information. If the purchaser has any questions regarding desired use of
this program, the purchaser is required to contact our company prior to purchasing the program, to
obtain specific information.

d. PEP may be distributed via the shareware method. Shareware companies and retailers may
charge only reasonable duplication fees. Charging excessive duplication fees will be considered retail
selling and in breach of our Federal copyrights.

e. This program is intended for internal limited number computer use. Multi-users (including
networks) may use this program so long as the network restricts use to the prescribed number of
stations at a time. Clients requiring use by additional stations must obtain either a site license or
additional copies of this program. Discounts are offered to companies requiring multiple copies of this

f. This program may not be set up on the internet. Such is beyond its copyrighted and licensed
intent of use by a single customer.

g. Classroom use: The freeware version may be used in classroom situations. Use of registered
versions in a classroom situation is covered by Federal and International copyright law and is bound
by the same restrictions as school textbooks and network operation. Discounts and site licenses are

All sales are final. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to decide upon usability and application
of this program to his/her particular needs prior to purchase prior to actual sale. Purchasing the
registered version indicates the customer has examined the program and is already satisfied as to its
suitability. Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy and reliability of this program. We will
not be held responsible for any results obtained from the direct or indirect use of this program nor does
this program comply to the laws of merchantability of any state.

Defective software shall be replaced if the user does not attempt to alter it in any manner. The
customer is solely responsible for proper computer maintenance, security and backups. The client,
agreeing the software meets his/her needs, agrees that credit card chargebacks will not be attempted;
such will be considered as fraud (attempting to obtain no-cost software by fraudulent means).

It is the sole discretion of the publisher to determine infringements of copyright. Upon demand of
the publisher, the program shall be removed from the user computer and all items pertaining to the
program shall be returned to the publisher. This will not exclude any additional punitive damages
incurred according to national and civil laws. In case of court action, the client agrees to pay all court
charges and attorney fees as well as any other fees and expenses incurred in the process. Customer
is bound by license agreement and amendments thereto. Disagreements are to be handled by
arbitration or legal court, at the discretion and decision of Drew Software. Client may cancel
association with Drew Software at any time by removing registered software (without refund) and
supplying valid removal code to Drew Software and by ceasing to possess or use software in any form.
All license restrictions are agreed to still apply. According to an old adage: only the guilty need be

We are eager to support our customers.
Customer support is available via email by contacting our website.

We will promptly reply by email. Client support beyond this will be provided via telephone. Client is
responsible for long-distance charges. (We do not charge a tech-support fee.)

It is recognized that the purchaser is bound by the terms of this licensing regardless of whether
registration is performed, according to Federal and International Copyright Law.