Frequently Asked Questions
How accurate is PEP?

The only way that we market PEP is by the freeware concept. In short, before people buy PEP they
try a free evaluation version that presents them with the same basic personality report as the
registered versions. It is only after they have examined this report and satisfied themselves as to its
accuracy that they decide to purchase the product. Obviously, they must find it to be very accurate.

We have always felt that the best way to measure the accuracy of PEP is by client feedback. Our
clients consistently report PEP to be "amazingly accurate". One client reported, "I have tried dozens
of programs in this field. PEP is easier to use, faster to use and more accurate than any other
program I've ever seen." Feedback from our clients over the past 24 years consistently place the
accuracy of PEP in excess of 95%! In our own tests we have determined similar results. This is
amazing in a field in which 50-70% accuracy is considered the "norm". PEP's accuracy far exceeds
anything else we have ever examined. In your examination of PEP, how accurate did you find it to
be? Likely you will agree with another client: "PEP nailed me".

Why do repeat customers continue to purchase PEP? Even more interesting... why have people
who purchased our original DOS version years ago, return and purchase the Windows version and
even recommend PEP to their associates? Obviously it is because PEP works. It actually does
reduce turnover. It actually does save money. It really is accurate. When a client tries and then
buys... it's because PEP works!

About this part...

Sometimes we will run evaluations on marriage mates. Sometimes one mate has objected, "This
isn't really how I am"... only to have the mate respond, "OH YES IT IS !". Too, sometimes people are
not acquainted with the exact meaning of personality terms and may think there is a conflict when
there really is not. One example was a client who noted that one area of the report said he was
"cautious" and another area said he was "daring"-- and he thought this was an error. In actuality, it
was not. Have you ever heard the term "calculated risk?" When this was pointed out, the client
agreed that is exactly how he was; he was willing to take a risk, but only after thinking it through
completely. "Cautious-daring".

Of course, we do not claim to be perfect. If you ever feel you have found an error in the PEP
system, we want to be the first to know about it. But after 25 years of operation, PEP has proved its
accuracy time and again. If you take a moment to think about it, you may discover that the "flaw" is
in actuality right on the button. If you're confused about an area of your report, please feel free to
contact us.

What is the added value in purchasing a registered version?

The advanced versions of PEP offer significant value, especially in the business environment. Please
see the Main Menu for a page on "expanded reports" specially designed to assist in answering this

1. For business users, the registered versions contain advanced features such as the JOB MATCH,
HISTORY, STRESS and other reports that are essential to business operation. Trying to use PEP in
business without these options fails to take advantage of the real value and purpose of the program.
In short, PEP can't really help you without these features.

2. For the business user, the Job Match system helps you determine whether a current or
prospective job matches a person's personalityor not, plus brings you the first STAT page which
contains a summary of personality traits in an easy-to-read format.

3. Registration brings support directly from the author of the program... a rare treat in today's
'automated answering' tech support world. This has been our continuing policy for over 20 years.

4. The freeware version may not legally be used in a business environment. Please keep your
business legally clear and use only registered software.

What is the CLEP chart and STAT page mentioned in the freeware report?

The CLEP chart is a shorthand, "information at a glance" method of representing the information
contained in the rest of the report. The STAT page is a single-page synopsis of the entire PEP
report. An experienced PEP user can take one look at these items and immediately know the
respondent without needing to read the entire report. Full details and explanation of the CLEP chart
is contained on another page on this site (see Main Menu). The CLEP chart and STAT page replace
the first informational pages in the freeware report.

How Does PEP compare with Myers-Briggs?
This often-asked question is covered on a special page on this website. Please click HERE for
further information.

Is there a limitation to the number of reports I can produce?

No limitations at all. All versions of PEP allow unlimited reports. In addition, there is virtually no
limitation to the size of the history data file, which is stored in standard sequential access form.

What is the difference between PEP, EMS, PAS and PAS32?

The Employee Management System and Personality Analysis System were both written in 1985 by
Dennis Drew, the author of our current Personality Evaluation Program. They were excellent
programs, but being more than 20 years old, were DOS based and are now outdated.

PAS32 was a third-party program (produced more than a decade ago) based on outdated EMS
methodology and is incompatible with Drew Software products. The company that sold it has
closed and the product is no longer on the market. Those who purchased PAS32 are encouraged to
move to the more accurate and more powerful PEP system.

The Personality Evaluation Program is our more powerful Windows-compatible, updated,
consolidated version of our excellent DOS-based programs. PEP contains many more reports than
the old programs and all terms have been updated to match current societal needs. Many of our
original DOS-based customers from years ago purchased the PEP system when it became
available-- attesting to its accuracy and popularity!

Why are the terms in PEP different from EMS and PAS?

As society changes with time, so does recognition of words and social constructs. As a blatant
example, the meaning of the term "gay" has greatly changed in the past thirty years. While at one
time such a term could have been used in a personality evaluation system such as PEP... that
would no longer be the case. In fact, in today's society it would actually be illegal.

EMS was originally written in 1985. More than two decades have passed since its inception. The
terms that applied to society almost twenty years ago are no longer as valid as they were then. The
new terms contained in PEP as well as its new methods of analyzing those terms has increased the
accuracy of the program by a great deal. EMS and PAS, while very accurate and valid for their day,
are no longer so. The terminology and method of analysis required updating; this has been
accomplished in PEP... to an amazing degree.

Is it OK to give copies of the Freeware version to my associates?

Absolutely, with our thanks. That is what Freeware is all about. We want people to examine our
program. We also appreciate folks who add our website link to their websites and home pages:

May I sell copies of the PEP reports or use them in a consulting business such as family
counseling, therapy work or an employment agency?

An extended use license is included with the Advance version of PEP. Please see the Main Menu
for further information.

Does registration allow me to sell copies of PEP itself?

If you wish to sell PEP you would need to apply for dealership status. Please examine our software
license for further information. If you would like to become an authorized PEP representative, please
contact us by visiting our EMAIL page on the Main Menu.

I am a PayPal member. May I pay through PayPal?

Yes. We are a PayPal triple-verified merchant. For your security and peace of mind, you may pay
either through your PayPal account, or via a major credit card through the easy-to-use PayPal
Secure Card Payment system. See our Order Page for further information.

Why is PEP better?

We believe PEP to be the best product of its kind on the market. Our clients have written us time
and again in praise of our programs, many of them telling us about having tried "dozens of other
programs" and finding Drew Software offerings to be easier to use, faster and more accurate than
any other program available. Customers who purchased our DOS version two decades ago even now
still order our Windows version. Nothing attests better to the quality of a program than repeat

Drew Software is acquainted not only with the reports and implementation, but also HOW and WHY
these programs work. This provides insight that is valuable to our customers-- insight that is not
available elsewhere. Drew Software programs are current, accurate and constantly updated to meet
present client needs. We are very open to suggestions and encourage customer feedback.

Using PEP in a human resource environment: