Different personalities for different jobs.
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The following list summarizes the concepts of additional reports contained in the
registered version of PEP Advance. Please see order page for details on
reports included in each package.


Stress can be beneficial-- or very detrimental. Proper stress drives
people to succeed. Excessive stress causes irritation, low production, high
turnover, increased health benefit costs and social dysfunction.

PEP's Stress Evaluation shows you key areas of potentially harmful stress
so that you can identify and overcome that stress before it becomes a liability.


In today's security conscious world, basic integrity, loyalty and honesty is
important in the business environment. However, different jobs may require
different degrees of integrity. It is obvious that a bank teller will need a different
level of honesty and ethics than will say (to use an extreme), a criminal defense
attorney or a hit man for the Mafia.

The PEP Operational Values Report has been designed to examine
personal ethics and integrity in a positive manner (as is the case with all PEP
reports). Each person is rated on multiple scales, ranging from "Squeaky
Clean" to "Covert". So while accurately presenting the environmental
preferences of a specific employee or applicant, it does so in a non-invasive,
non-threatening manner (and equally important) a manner designed to eliminate
potential employer liability. PEP also evaluates the ethical requirements of the
job itself in order to match the right employees to that job.


These management reports are for open discussion with the employee /
applicant. This report enhances and replaces the EMS "TEAM" report and can
be used for building a powerful and effective work group.

All of the following reports result from one additional
40-term response form!

Personality in a Nutshell

A quick overview of personality traits (beyond those included in the
standard report). Includes primary motivator, main strength, main weakness,
priority class, primary irritant, preferred work pace and more.

Group Management

An addition to the "management" report in the main system, group
management deals with how this person will conduct a team effort and achieve
desired goals.

Areas of Work Interest

Types of work known to appeal to this personality class.

Recreational Interests

What type of activities is this person likely to enjoy? Very beneficial in
planning company social projects.

Areas to Watch

During times of stress or when confronted with unexpected situations, the
basic personality tends to come to the fore. This report indicates areas of
caution so that you can maintain control over emotions and responses when
needed the most. Alternately, it helps management understand why employees
may be reacting in a certain manner in stressful times... and how to deal
positively with such reactions.

Danger Areas

Everyone has personality flaws. This report helps us understand potential
flaws so that we can work on them, correct them and grow. Since PEP is a
positive evaluation system, this should not be misconstrued as a "skeleton in the
closet" type report. Rather, it is a positive-growth work tool that can help one
become a better person... especially in light of the following report...

Benefits of Extremity

The same excesses that sometimes cause us to be "difficult to live with"
can be used as assets if we understand and control them. This report shows you
how to turn potentially negative personality traits into useful work tools.

Rounding Out Your Personality

This report provides direct and useful recommendations for "tweaking"
our personalities and actions so that we become more productive, friendly and
acceptable to those around us. A very special and valuable report that can help
each person grow as an individual.


These reports are for management use only and help in the evaluation and
understanding of employees and applicants

Report Manipulation Notification

Sometimes people are excessively stressed (especially during a job
interview) or because of personal reasons, feel it necessary to attempt to
intentionally manipulate the evaluation process. This report lets you know when
an evaluation appears to be manipulated, or the degree to which stress may be
effecting evaluation results.

Positive Interaction

What is the best way to act around this person? What things should you
avoid when reprimanding, or what things should you do to positively encourage
this person? A powerful communication report.

Interview Traits

How will this person likely act and react during the interview process? A
terrific report for gaining instant insight to applicants. It is especially helpful in
assisting management to look beyond "first impressions" and pay more attention
to personal value.

Reward Systems

What is the best way to reward this person for a job well done? What one
person considers a reward may be considered by another to be punishment.
This report helps management avoid the age-old problem of misdirected good-

Potential Clashes

Certain personality types are known to conflict with other specific
personality types. This report helps you be aware of potential conflicts so that
you can avoid them if possible... or control them when the project requires

Conflict Avoidance

What things will really bother this person in the work environment? What
things should be avoided or eliminated to prevent possible conflicts? How do
you avoid "pushing that button"? This report will assist management in treating
employees in a positive and motivating manner.

These reports are all contained in the Advance version of the Personality
Evaluation Program. Each report is short, concise and easy-to-read. Make the
Personality Evaluation Program a valuable tool in your employee and
applicant management process!