Personality Evaluation Program
Freeware download
Version 2k130 Supports
Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000,
XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 & Win 10

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Personality Evaluation
Different personalities
for different jobs.
Please click DOWNLOAD to begin.
REGISTERED USERS IMPORTANT: DO NOT uninstall PEP before updating. Just install the new version
over your existing PEP installation using your existing registration code. Feel free to contact us if you
require assistance. You are important to us; happy customers are the best way of business!

1. When downloaded, click the INSTALL button and ignore the REGISTER button. You do not need a
registration code to operate the free version.
The registration code is for paid users installing the PEP
Advance version.

2. OPEN the file once it's downloaded and follow the instructions. If you get an error upon trying to
open it, instead: Switch to the folder where you stored the download, then click on PEPprog.exe.

3. Once the program is installed, it will automatcially load and execute. (Again, be sure to click the
INSTALL button on the SETUP program). Thereafter, you may access PEP by clicking the PEP icon
(sun/moon logo) on your desktop.

4. If you experience download or installation problems, please contact us via email. The more specific
you are in describing your difficulties, the better we will be able to help. If the installation fails for any
reason, please first try downloading the program again; the Internet does not always transfer files with
100% accuracy. Usually all that is required is to re-download the program.

To operate PEP, RIGHT CLICK on the PEP desktop icon and choose
This is not required on versions prior to Vista.

Note: The PEP program is available as a free download for home users.
The registered versions contain many additional features that apply to business needs.