"I've tried dozens of these programs-- yours is by far the easist, fastest
and most accurate I've ever seen."

"I cut my turnover by 50% the first year!"

"PEP pays for itself many times over the very first time it eliminates a
turnover. It can save most companies thousands."

"I can't believe I had lived with the same woman for 35 years and didn't have any
idea as to who she is. We were planning on getting a divorce!
I can honestly say your program literally saved our marriage."

"Was 'pegged' with an old version years ago--
have been a faithful follower ever since."

"This is a great management tool."

"There are lots of personality profiling techniques out there but Drew's
method is the only one that is as effective as it is efficient - it only takes 5 or
6 minutes to complete and the pay-offs are astounding."
-- Michael Senoff -- Senoff Seminars

REDUCE EMPLOYEE TURNOVER. The Personality Evaluation Program is a
personality test / assessment / evaluation. It is designed to help employers match
people to the right jobs. It is not a psychology test, as it is positive in nature and does
not "pull skeletons out of the closet". This makes it ideal for use in the human resource
environment. Rather than discouraging use, this program's positive nature actually
makes people eager to see their own results. You can experience this yourself by
using our free download to evaluate your own work personality.

The concept of personality management is a simple one: would you place an outgoing,
self-motivated person behind a bookkeeping desk eight hours a day? Obviously not.
That person would quickly become demotivated, unhappy and eventually, would most
likely quit or be fired. Turnover is very expensive, costing a minimum of $2,500 every
time an employee is lost. This is calculated in unemployment insurance and fees,
advertising for a replacement, interview process, lost production, re-training and more.

If you can eliminate even ONE TURNOVER per year, the Personality Evaluation
Program will more than pay for itself. Please try the free download. We are certain you
will join the people who have found this program to be "amazingly accurate".


"One of the World's Best 101 Programs!" -- Compute Magazine
"Amazingly accurate."

Test your own personality--
no charge, no gimmicks, no strings attached.
Different personalities
for different jobs.
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Author Notes
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Unsolicited Testimony appx 1 minute 1/2mb mp3
This sound clip is a brief exerpt from an interview conducted by
Michael Senoff of "Hard to Find Seminars". This interview is
with JAY CONRAD LEVINSON, the "Father of Guerrilla
Marketing", as well as supporting comments from his wife. Jay
is the author of the best-selling marketing book series in
history, Guerrilla Marketing, plus 30 other business books. His
Guerrilla concepts have influenced marketers so much that
today his books appear in 39 languages, and are required
reading for many MBA programs worldwide. Jay was the
Senior Vice President at J. Walter Thompson and in Europe as
Creative Director at Leo Burnett Advertising. He writes a
monthly column for Entrepreneur Magazine and articles for
Incorporated Magazine. See what he has to say about the
results of his Personality Evaluation Program report.

NOTE: This is an unbiased, unsolicited comment that was part
of a larger interview conducted by Michael Senoff, owner of
Hard to Find Seminars (http://Hardtofindseminars.com).
Thanks Michael..